In the 1960s, The Hammond North Condominium was conceived by a prominent Cincinnatian named Kenneth Hammond, designed by a noted architect and then constructed to be the most luxurious apartment building in Greater Cincinnati. 

The 19-floor high-rise condo sits on 29 acres of the former La Boiteaux Family estate, which previously had donated almost twice that amount of land in 1938 to the city to be an adjacent nature preserve. 

Original plans for Hammond Condominium called for twin buildings, one north and one south, but the cost was so great (only the finest materials were used) that the second was not built. A great lawn was prepared instead. The rest of the 29 acres has been left as natural woods with trails.
In 1981 the building was converted to condos. Since then, every effort has been made to keep The Hammond North in first-class condition.